Women We Love: Erin Starkweather


At The Setting, we are proud to be an all women team of four working every day to bring new creativity into our world. We are constantly inspired not only by all the beauty that surrounds us but those who are working hard to supply it. With our new series Women We Love, we are speaking with the women in business that inspire us to continue to work hard every day. To put it simply: the future is female and we’re celebrating them now.

The first woman we are celebrating in this inaugural story is the ever-gorgeous Erin Starkweather, the PR Manager and Content editor at CAP Beauty. A leader in the natural beauty retail space headquartered here in NYC, CAP will surely be your newest obsession if it isn’t already. Erin gives us the rundown on everything from her day to day work life, the women she admires herself, and how she likes to unwind after a busy week creating amazing content.

1. What fuels you for your day? (your typical choice for breakfast)
I don’t usually eat breakfast (although sometimes I eat Anita’s Coconut Yogurt!). I like to go to New York Pilates before work, then grab a coffee with almond milk on the way into the office which usually holds me over until about 12pm when I eat a big salad from LifeThyme or Sweetgreen.

2. Give us the rundown of what a typical day at the office is for you.
Everyday is different, but we usually get to the office around 10am. I catch up on emails, then we often have a call at 11am to touch base with the other half of our team that's in LA right now. As mentioned before, I grab a big salad around 12pm, and eat it at my desk while I catch up on some of my favorite online sites. I spend a lot of the day working with Brittany, our super talented graphic designer, on new content and editorial work for CAP. The rest of the day is sometimes spent taking meetings or working on anything and everything from editorial calendars and product releases, to writing copy and making sure the Instagram is updated. We're a small team so there's always something that needs to be done!

3. What’s your favorite part of working at CAP Beauty?
My favorite thing about working at CAP is that I stand behind the mission 100%. I truly think everyone can benefit from using the products we sell. CAP aligns with my views aesthetically, but also ethically. I also love my coworkers and the people I get to meet through CAP. We're really lucky to have such a positive and supportive working environment.

4. Proudest moment of your career so far? Biggest challenge you’ve encountered?
We recently launched a product called “The Daily Hit” that sold out in one day. That was a pretty proud moment for us all. We worked so well cohesively as a team, and it was our best product launch to date.

As far as challenges go, I would say separating work and life can sometimes be a challenge. We are such a part of the wellness cult and so invested in CAP that sometimes it’s hard not to take the job home with you. I’m never not thinking about it. It can be hard to turn off.


5. Who is a woman (or women) in business that you look up to?
CAP co-founders Kerrilynn [Pamer] and Cindy [DiPrima] without a doubt. They were pioneers in their field and basically my natural beauty idols before I ever worked for CAP. I was so nervous for my first interview with them, which is funny to think back on because they are two of the nicest people you will ever meet.

I also admire women like Emily Weiss and Tyler Haney, who have managed to take their ideas and visions and turn them into massively successful businesses. It’s amazing that young girls have powerful women like that to idolize.

6. What is something you wish someone had told you before you embarked on your career?
Cold reach out to people! Always. If you see someone on Instagram you admire career-wise, message them and ask to take them to breakfast or coffee. It’s not weird, it’s flattering. You can make the best connections that way.

7. If you could describe CAP Beauty in three words, what would they be?
Natural beauty, upleveled.

8. What is your ultimate goal for CAP Beauty?
Lots of doors in major cities! Spreading natural beauty far and wide. Tokyo, London, Paris, Toronto. The list is endless.


9. What does the future of beauty look like in your eyes?
Inclusive! More shades for every skin tone. A lot of our makeup vendors lines still aren’t diverse enough, and that’s a problem. Everyone should be able to walk into CAP and pick out a foundation shade that matches their skin tone. The fact that that isn’t the case yet is frustrating.

10. Favorite outfit that makes you feel like a true boss?
Anything from Jacquemus. He makes clothes that make me feel like the truest form of my boss self. He makes the white boots I’m wearing [pictured above], which, regardless of what I pair them with, always make me feel like a boss.

11. How do you like to unwind after a busy work week?
I feel like I should say going to yoga or Higher Dose (which I truly enjoy!), but really I love to get dinner and a drink with my friends/boyfriend/whoever at one of my favorite spot like Dimes, Tacombi, or Mission Chinese. That’s the best way to unwind!

I also really enjoy cleaning my apartment to destress. I don’t feel at peace unless I start the new week with a spotless apartment.

12. Any advice for the future girl bosses of the world, particularly those who want to work in the beauty sector?
Intern everywhere and as much as you can. I know everyone says that but it’s the truth. I wish I had interned more! It’s important to work different places before you’re out of school to see what you like and what you don’t. That experience will get you far.

For someone who wants to work in beauty, don’t limit yourself to what your idea of the “beauty” industry is. Makeup and skincare are great but the beauty category as a whole is growing so much. Ingestibles, wellness, self care, and exercise all fall under the “beauty” umbrella. Make sure you’re well rounded in your knowledge and experience.


Follow CAP Beauty on social @capbeautydaily or visit their website capbeauty.com for all things natural beauty.