Women We Love: Tanya Taylor

A conversation with Tanya Taylor and The Setting

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What serves as the biggest source of inspiration for how you entertain?

Making sure people have fun and that there’s a sense of discovery.


How has your entertaining style changed over the years? (sizing adjustments due to moving, discovering new recipes, etc.)

My entertaining style has become more sophisticated. It used to involve ordering sushi in and now I try to cook. I love family style dishes, cocktails, and really try to reflect the menu based on the people coming over.

 What’s your rule of thumb for how often you entertain? (Special events only? Whenever you feel like having guests over?)

People are always welcome to come over. Everything you’re preparing should be able to be made quickly, be fresh and nothing feels too special.

What’s your go-to recipe?

For a family dinner I love baked salmon, roasted cauliflower and Brussel sprout salad.

What is your favorite scent to have around when you have guests in your home?

Eucalyptus. I put it in frozen towels for after dinner.

Favorite hosting memory?

Probably my 30th birthday. The entire apartment was pink. We had pink wigs, blow up dolls and it was a full sensory experience.

Any hosting tips you live by?

Music is key, and games are a big part of hosting. We love murder mystery games and always want to make sure it feels like guests are having fun.

What is one item you can’t set a table without?


Tanya Taylor X The Setting

Tanya Taylor X The Setting

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