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In our office, we have women from all over: Amanda - a Southampton local with an infinite love for the beaches where she would spend most of her time, our own Turkish delight - Billur, Namrata - a recent college grad from the vibrant city of Jaipur, and myself, who grew up right across the river in Jersey City and has found her way in this city time and time again. However, regardless of what we call home, we are all connected by the common thread that New York City pulls us in.

While we usually look at places both abroad and stateside that we find aspirational in curing our incessant travel bug for our 24 Hours In…series, we decided to kick off the series with a local guide of our favorite spots in the city that we feel everyone must go to at least once, whether you are just visiting the city that never sleeps or a long time resident looking for some new places to go.


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Image via @musketroom

San Remo is my favorite new place on Lafayette for early morning coffee or an after work catch up with friends. The lighting and decor in the back area feel like they've been pulled from another era and the music is always on point.

I love to grab dinner at Musket Room. A beautiful restaurant by my super talented friend Jenn Vitagliano,  the ocean colored leather chairs and wide plank floors create a space that opens up beautifully to the back herb garden where guests can overlook the seasoning that went into their perfect New Zealand inspired fare.

ModelFIT is my guilty pleasure for exercise. Dance cardio is my favorite way to work out and I love going here with a girlfriend followed by brunch or smoothies afterwards to catch up. The bright space on Bowery and energetic team always make every class better than the one before.

If I need to find some quiet, I love Sky Ting Yoga near our office in TriBeCa. The studio and instructors all evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, something that is worth its weight in gold in NYC.

Reformation is the best place to go for a new outfit or a quick update for your night out. Their stores, jewelry, accessories and team behind the brand never disappoint. Basically 80% of my wardrobe is from Ref.


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Clic Gallery has really good art, baby gifts, books and soft goods from around the world. They also have a bunch of colorful prints so you can’t miss it.

If you love Maman’s cafes, you’re in for a treat with Marché Maman. Elisa, the founder of these beautiful spaces is a good friend of mine who we have partnered with on many events in the past few years. They have now expanded to curate a marketplace with their favorite brands. You can also stop by next door at Maman for the most addicting chocolate chip cookies and must have matcha latte.

Not only do they carry some of our ceramics, but Warm NY has products to bring the perfect touch of beachy and boho into your home.

Love Adorned is really good for housewarming gifts and jewelry for self-love or to celebrate special occasions and milestones. They have great jewelry including a selection of vintage pieces and home decor which are both of my weaknesses!


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Image via @thesmithrestaurant

Even though I have been in New York countless times, I am still on the hunt for the places I declare must-gos or places I would recommend to my friends and those reading this in a heartbeat. I do have two places that I absolutely love though!

Washington Square Park at night. During the day it’s usually insanely busy with people enamored by the street performers creating chalk art and blowing seemingly impossibly large bubbles or taking pictures in front of the central fountain but at night the backlit infamous arch stands tall and evokes a nice calm in the surrounding area that everyone seems to feel compelled to obey.

I love to grab lunch with a friend at The Smith. While I am now in the process of leaving behind having a food palate comparable to one of a twelve year old girl, their Mac n’ Cheese is incredible and is skillet roasted no less. The black and white vibe is very relaxed and warm for a laid back, catch-up lunch or dinner with friends.


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Image via @nishnushnyc

I get bored very easily at museums so I love the Cooper-Hewitt Museum because it’s also known to be good for people that don’t like museums because of its interactive nature.  I designed my own wallpaper and thanks to the multiple screens they had up I was engaged since I could see what I was doing.

Back home I never liked falafel but when I came here one of my friends took me to Nish Nush on Reade Street and since then I’ve kept going because it’s so tasty. They have a falafel trio platter that’s amazing but so heavy that you have to share it with someone.

We hope you enjoy these picks from our team and feel free to share some of your picks with us on our Instagram!


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