Objects of Affection: Violette


It’s one thing to turn an existing space into your own, and another to completely create one from scratch led by a vision you have in your mind.

In this installment of Objects of Affection, one of our favorite beauties and ultimate girl crush Violette shows us her dreamy makeup corner and the story of how she created her perfect beauty nook. The makeup artist, beauty consultant and Estée Lauder’s resident Global Beauty Director sure knows how to add a stroke of beauty to any surface be it a face or a room.

From being inspired by the idea of women empowerment to the importance of giving antiques new life, Violette lets us in on the secret of how simple it can be to create a space of your own.

1. What is the backstory of the item? How did you obtain this piece?
Violette: I created it and I designed it. I wanted it to fit this small space in between the wall and the window in my bathroom. I have a huge passion for interior design, so I started to draw it based on the design of my bedside table. It is one whole piece with curved legs and three drawers that holds all of my makeup essentials. I like to be able to put everything away and keep this area looking pretty so that I can stay inspired. So it’s not really just an object of affection, but a corner of affection.


2. What is it that makes the object so special to you? (Is it one-of-a-kind? Passed down from family?)
The table is special because I designed it. The wallpaper is very special to my heart - I found it from a designer on social media and with all that has happened last year, I’m very inspired by women empowerment. This beautiful wallpaper is of naked women dancing around and taking care of each other and it was made with so much heart and so much care - it fits exactly the mood that I’m into right now.

This mirror is a vintage piece that I found on Cherish. I like the idea of something that owned by someone else a very long time ago and that it has many lives.

3. Did it take long to find a place for the object in your home?
V: The place [for the object] was already there because I built this house with my boyfriend - we tore the house down and remade the floor plan ourselves. I really wanted the bathroom to be a sanctuary of beauty and love and I designed this area to be the makeup station.


4. Does the piece garner a lot of attention when guests are over?
Since I posted it on Instagram, it has gotten a lot of attention and has been re-posted everywhere that whenever my friends come over, they’re like, ‘We need to see the famous makeup station!’ So it’s kind of become a popular little corner!

5. Any tips for helping readers find their own object of affection?
V: I think you have to start by telling yourself a story. For example, with this area, I said to myself, ‘I want it to be feminine, cozy, and protected from the world.’ So that was my story. I worked with wood because it’s cozy. Pink, because it’s femininity. Gold, because it’s chic and luxurious and it recharges you. I would suggest thinking of a story going to places like Etsy or Cherish because you can find unique pieces and also support people creating things on their own.  I think that’s important, supporting each other. Creative minds all need a little support.


Follow along Violette’s beauty adventures @violette_fr.