The weeks have flown by and this morning I realized tomorrow marks the one month anniversary of my launch. I wanted to take some time to write about why creating handmade products is important to me and the inspiration behind The Setting.

First a bit of background… I moved to New York City at 17after signing to Ford models and landed my first internship at a catalogue when I was 21. The internship led to an opportunity assisting the art director there and eventually helped me to reshape my career. I began traveling the world for top fashion brands curating beautiful events and felt more comfortable working behind the scenes planning and producing. It was amazing to see how everything came together to create one night of perfection for a host of influential customers, editors, and celebrities. I learned a lot about the industry early on and used that unique experience to propel myself professionally.

Fast forward to nearly a decade later, I was on an international trip and experienced firsthand a disheartening detachment from the “lifestyle” purported by some big brands and the lifestyle of the manufacturers that were chosen to make their goods. Some of which worked under conditions that made me feel uncomfortable.

I decided to start my own brand selling and making goods that were either handmade or produced by someone who’s work was valued for more than their subsequent mark up potential. While the fashion industry at least discusses transparency,  within interior design and homeware, I hadn’t heard it mentioned.

I wanted to use my own hands to make customized ceramics, something I had done for years, and also explore other artisans and their work. Each piece sold here has respect for both the recipient and the maker. Every message that is written was done so by hand by me and each piece was made with care, by hand.

It’s just a one day shy of the one month anniversary and I can’t believe how much has happened so far. I look forward to all that The Setting can do and I’m excited to continue developing a brand that gives beautiful gifts and also gives back. Stay tuned for more on that. xo

(photo of me at the wheel by Erik Melvin for    Garance Dore   )

(photo of me at the wheel by Erik Melvin for Garance Dore)

The Setting